Meet with Ukrainian girls

Meet with Ukrainian girls

I can not say that the meeting with the girls of Ukraine was a dream of my life. But I really wanted to see these beauties with my own eyes and (moreover) spend a hot night with them. After all, many of my friends and colleagues who have been in Ukraine on business or have come there for a little sexual adventure have told a lot about this country and its inhabitants (and mainly its inhabitants).

My acquaintance with the girls of Ukraine

I arrived in Kiev in the morning - cool and a bit gloomy - however, this didn’t prevent me from enjoying the hospitality of the Ukrainian capital. People here are really more friendly and responsive than in Western Europe. But my main observation concerns, of course, local women. There are really a lot of beauties here - not like the example of Germany or other European countries.

There are many types of women here: there are typical northern European, like in Scandinavia and Denmark, there are girls with typical Slavic appearance and blond hair, many pleasant smiling brunettes - as my friends said are typical for Ukraine, there are oriental beauties with Asian ones features In general, the girls of Ukraine are so beautiful and diverse that their eyes just run.

But the most important thing is that the locals are very welcoming and friendly. We repeatedly turned to passers-by girls with questions about the location of our hotel, and they helped and explained to us. True, our goal was first and foremost acquaintance. Although I do not speak Russian at all, my friends speak this language well, so we rather soon met two beauties, Katya and Olesya, with whom we went to the hotel.

Evening leisure with Ukrainian girls

Honestly, at first I thought that our new acquaintances were prostitutes of Ukraine or girls from an escort agency. They looked so good, they communicated nicely and, as it turned out, they spoke good English. So very soon, using a mixture of English, German and Russian words, we had a pleasant conversation at a table in a hotel cafe. For alcohol (here it turned out to be very worthy and inexpensive) we decided to move to a local SPA center and continue communication in a more intimate setting.

The girls were absolutely not against such a change in the situation and did not try to dissuade or start talking about money. On one of our “hikes” to the bar, I even inquired about this from my friend Lothar. He replied that everything is fine, because these are not girls from Ukraine’s escort, but ordinary students, and no, the charges of rape and harassment do not threaten me. After that (and the accepted alcohol) I completely calmed down and grew bolder. So very soon we retired with Olesya in the rest room and had passionate sex.

Gradually, getting drunk, I became more and more immersed in this atmosphere of fun and depravity. Like my friends and our new acquaintances. So very soon we switched to the group “exercises” and here the girls showed such a class that I did not even see in porn. So I was pleased with the acquaintance, although I woke up in the morning with a slightly buzzing head. But my friends quickly taught me to fight this ailment. However, another story has already begun - the second day of my adventures in Ukraine. But I will tell you about this some other time.